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“Speaking From the Desk of Public Relation Manager’’

My self Ms. Moumita Roy,  have been working as a Public Relation Manager at CMPS PreSchool,sector88,Faridabad. It is my privilege to work with such an internationally renowned Montessori Pre School which is poised to create an excellent Montessori Curriculum.     

I’ve been a teacher for last 10 years both in the private and public sector schools. I have come to realise more so than ever that working with students rather than controlling and manupulating them produces amazing outcomes. Taking a genuine care and interest in them opens up the doors.

It’s  a transition from Teaching to Public Relation..

PR allows me to work in basically any industry or field and do what I love. From cars to consumer, lifestyle to leisure, tech to travel, and so forth, the PR industry allows one to combine their interests with their work, ultimately turning my passion into my paycheck.

Responsibilities as a PR…

  • Plan, implement and manage public relations programs.
  • Plan and budget for PR events, programs and initiatives.
  • Help in designing and reviewing a variety of promotional and marketing materials.
  • Design and review the online content in media announcements and media kits.
  • Monitor corporate image frequently and ensure it is in compliance with company brand.
  • Check and manage content produced for website and social media channels.
  • Develop and implement PR policies and procedures.
  • Determine KPIs for PR department.
  • Measure and provide reports on each PR campaign. 
  • Build long-term relationships with all relevant stakeholders, such as local government, media people, politicians, etc.

Role of Public Relation (PR) in Education sector

The Educational sector is a very large sector in World. It includes primary and high schools, under-graduate and post-graduate colleges, B-schools etc. Though a large part of World is still rural, the education institutions at that level include small government and private schools and vocational colleges.Today, good public relations are vital to the successful functioning of any educational institutional.

Education Institutes use public relations both internally and externally, Internal, PR stands for PR within the organisation and its employs. External PR stands for maintaining favourable relations with the public.Events are held within the organisation for the members to build a good rapport amongst themselves and smoothen communication.

wonderful growing experience ……

About CMPS Pre School: We have an innovative school methodology which helps development of critical thinking abilities as well as life skills for the overall development of the children. Here at CMPS our mission is to prepare the next next generation for the complex challenges by strengthening a broad range of cognitive,emotional,and social skills.

Here we combines warmth,energy, passion and endless understanding which creates enabling environments to put across their subjects in a well informed and interesting manner.Here at CMPS we believe in the holistic development of a child. The school provides the academically challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of individual children in these critical early years.


I am happy with my Job and I am proud to say I work for CMPS Pre School….

Great work-life balance and excellent culture. Management is respectful and cares about our opinion and growth within the company. They can also be very flexible to anyone's situations in regards to time off and schedules. Definitely a great place to start a career and build...


The institutions nowadays believe in the trend of branding, which is done through specially designed logos that convey the mission and vision of the institute. The logo becomes the identity of the organisation. Just like any other organisation, the educational institutes also have their ups and downs which they try to cover up through crises management. This is a time when the PR department is on its toes and works its best.


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Teachers Information

Public Relation Manager
MTT, PTT, B.Ed, Diploma in Computer Application(DCA)
2.5 Counseling/ Public Relation