Principal’s Message

Education is the process of facilitating learning and acquiring of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. At Cambridge Montessori Pre School we offer a rich inclusive and holistic approach to education. We believe in building the confidence of the students so that they can face challenges as they blossom and grow as individuals with academic, social and emotional skills to confront the world at large. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to our esteemed institution.

I recently saw a quote that said “from tiny seeds, grow mighty trees.” When I read it, it struck me as one of the most profound things I have ever reflected on. Within these children we plant tiny seeds each day. We plants seeds that we trust will help our children grow into strong adults.


Mrs. Juhi Kapil

In order for them to grow into strong adults they will need deep roots… roots that are sunk in the soil of self confidence and strong values and beliefs. Each day we must water them with hope, kindness, and love. We must feed the plants with the nutrients of knowledge, character, and dedication. We must care for them so they can bloom with creativity, curiosity, intelligence, citizenship, and leadership.

It is my hope that we have been diligent caretakers of these little ones this year. It is my promise that we will continue to nurture these little ones as they grow here at Cambridge Montessori Pre School Thank you for sharing your most precious children with us this year.

Thanks and Regards