Director’s Message

We would like to welcome our new pre – school students and their families to Westgate. The students will become the newest members of the Potter family as they begin their career as students in India. The time spent at the Cambridge Montessori Pre School will provide a solid foundation for the future endeavors of our students. We appreciate the opportunity we have been given by our parents to begin shaping and molding the lives of their children as they embark on their educational journey.

This an exciting, anxious and stressful time for the students and their families as the students take their first steps in their growth and development as students and we are thankful we are provided with a chance to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

We look forward to having an impact on the students and to help them along on their journey as a Potter. We hope to create lasting relationships with the students and their families with the hopes of developing lifelong friendships. We gladly welcome the newest class of India Cambridge Montessori Pre School to the club and wish them well on new adventure.


Mrs. Pooja Bhoria

I look forward to what the school year will bring to our students, our staff and the building. Go Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Best Wishes!!!

Thanks and Regards